Our Story

081 was created to serve genuine Neapolitan pizza and authentic Italian gelato.

081 is an area code for Napoli (Italy), a place where our inspiration comes from, where pizzerias continue to use ancient traditions of authentic Neapolitan pizza.

We make our crust with four simple and all-natural ingredients: Caputo “00” flour imported from Napoli, fresh yeast, sea salt and water. We collect the finest local and Italian ingredients and combine them with our love and passion for Neapolitan pizza. You can choose from our amazing selection of healthy and tasty toppings and create your pizza the way YOU want it.

A very important part in creating a perfect pizza is the right equipment. Our rotating wood-fire ovens are imported from Italy and cook pizzas evenly to perfection at very high temperatures (800 F to 900 F) for no longer than 90 seconds.

Complete your experience by enjoying another pleasure: Italian Gelato and Sorbetto.

Our Florence-style , home-made gelato is made with all-natural ingredients and hand-crafted daily in small batches. It contains two-thirds less butterfat and much less air than regular ice cream, which gives it a deeper, more intense flavor. Our sorbetto is dairy-free and vegan.